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Gamechanger AI Compliance tool to change the consultancy market.

Armadillo Safety has designed a beta called ComplianceBot. The bot uses AI to develop compliance documentation. The app can be found at

The bot is also fed specific laws, regulations and standards, depending on the industry or country the user is in.

The system can produce comprehensive policies, procedures, method statements, COSHH assessments, letters, minute meetings and much more.

The bot can understand if specific standards are important. If you are a school it will reflect upon guidance from DfE and write policies along these lines. If you are a construction company it will know if you have accreditation for Constructionline or other SSIPs or even ISO's and write the documents along these lines also.

In the future the system will also tie in with our online training and be able to automatically send online training to staff when needed. It will also keep a record of the training. The system will also have a read receipt function allowing due diligence when sending out any documentation to employees, such as staff handbooks, safe systems of work, or even contracts.

The system is in its beta at present, but will be developed over the next year to be a huge change in the way companies use consultants.

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