Health and Safety Competent Person Services

Competent Person Services.

Using health and safety competent person services is an important part of validating your business’ practices. Competence is a combination of training, skills, experience and knowledge, and in many businesses, there are situations that are lacking in one or more of these areas.

Failing to meet the required standards could be putting your staff in danger, but it might also be putting your entire business at risk. If your company has not carried out the standard competent person checks, you could stand to lose money, time and equipment due to the mistakes made by poorly trained individuals.

By law, it is an employer’s responsibility to have a ‘competent person’ who can approve health and safety in the workplace. If your workplace does not have a competent person, you can also consider hiring one.

Does Your Industry Need a Competent Person?

A competent person is required by law and therefore cannot be installed as an afterthought. Competence is an important part of a safe business strategy, and we can help you to achieve the right environment for your business.

There are some industries where competence is considered more valuable. This is typically in situations where complicated machinery is used, or in environments where there are a lot of variable factors to consider when judging an individual’s safety.

Competence is vital in every industry, but it is considered especially important in the following:

  • Construction
  • Driving
  • Electrical Handling
  • Radiation Handling

Any industry that involves working at a height, or complicated machinery that has the potential to cause harm needs thorough and reliable competent personal health and safety services.

Health and Safety Competent Person Service Benefits

The benefits of hiring a competent person with us is that we will provide you with all the supporting documentation that proves that your business is abiding by the law. Here at Armadillo Safety Solutions we have been providing safety compliance services for many years to a range of establishments in London, Essex, Kent and East Sussex. Our expertise is unparalleled when it comes to knowledge and providing advice.

Completing health and safety checks also shows your employees that you are considerate of their wellbeing, and so employing a competent person is also important for raising morale.

Our Competent Person Responsibilities and Service

When you hire one of our competent persons, you will receive the following:

Less than 25 employees - Shops, Offices, Service Industry, Design, IT, Accountancy, clerical type companies, with no transport, manufacturing, use of plant or equipment.
A fully branded health and safety management system
Support and advice via telephone and email 24/7
Hosting the management system on Dropbox to allow us to make real time updates as and when legislation changes. This also allows some form of document control.
Keep the client up to date with relevant case law and changes to legislation or industry practices.
Issue a “Certificate of Service” to demonstrate that we have taken on the role of competent person.
Annual Health and Safety Audit

Contact Us for Competent Person Services & Advice

To learn more about our competent person services or any of our other health and safety consultancy services, such as our facilities management services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We provide competent person services across London, Essex, Kent and East Sussex, call 01233 820 480 or email to find out more.