Benefits of Onsite Health & Safety Management

Knowing how to implement the best safety measures is essential for the workplace. Discover the benefits of onsite health and safety management.

Health and safety in the workplace is the most crucial aspect of your business, and providing them requires ongoing assessment and forward-thinking. Health and safety management covers a whole range of potential problems and accidents ranging from minor workplace injuries to severe life-threatening grievance and fire safety. If any areas of your workplace are neglected in this regard, it can have a long-term negative impact on your daily work and even lead to potential legal action.

health and safety trainingFacilities Management And Health & Safety


Maintaining excellent facilities management is the cornerstone of all profitable businesses. Part of this management includes assessing potential risks within your employee’s roles and ensuring your workforce is adequately trained for those risks. Health and safety responsibility within your workplace can lie with several team members, which is why you must have a single, expertly trained, competent person be a unifying voice communicating valuable safety compliance.

At Armadillo Safet Solutions, we have an expert team of advisors who can provide you with these essential competent person services for your workplace. In addition, our knowledgeable advisors can help you create an effective health and safety system to tie into your facilities management, along with all the documentation you could need in the future.

health and safety training clipboardWho Needs Health & Safety Facilities Management?


Every non-domestic environment must have certain levels of health and safety to meet the required compliance of the UK government. This includes an employer’s responsibility to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all their employees, with or without disabilities. This responsibility permeates every aspect of your daily work, from reasonable working temperatures, ventilation and lighting to preventative measures to limit harm during work.

As experts in onsite health and safety services, we know that every company is unique, with many contextualised requirements for their workers’ operational roles. Therefore, we at Armadillo Safety Solutions offer a series of three levels of assessments to find the best one for you.

We offer premises risk management at low, medium and high levels with varying amounts of in-person visits each year. For example, if we suggest a low-risk plan for your standard office, we will provide quarterly reviews covering vital issues, such as fire escape routes and the condition of your toilet facilities. This differs drastically from what we recommend for construction sites or other hazardous plant areas. In an industrial setting, we would recommend our high-risk plan that includes monthly reviews and detailed assessments of the dangerous types of equipment on site and the environmental hazards.

Failure to meet the required compliance during facilities management is not an option, and non-compliance will mean you’re breaking the law and putting any employees, customers or visitors at risk.

health and safety advisors onsiteThe Benefits of Onsite Training


The best health and safety training is contextualised to your team’s environment. Our expert advisors are trained in what excellent facility management looks like and can provide you with accurate reviews and customised recommendations to improve your current plans whilst fully understanding your team’s operational roles.

Some businesses will choose to have onsite health and safety training or plan to send their staff to offsite teaching. Sending staff offsite will require taking the time to organise and authorise the absence from their usual duties. The best choice is to bring the training to you thanks to our health and safety consultants in London. Onsite health and safety training can eliminate this hassle by bringing the training to you. Onsite training also has the benefits of being customised to suit the specific needs of your work environment.

Training onsite helps engage your team as the training is relevant to the active roles they conduct five days a week. Providing a tailored course specific to the job’s needs will build a knowledge base much quicker and create practical skills that your employees can use immediately.

onsite health and safetyThis superior onsite training will also help give your team confidence in their working processes and offer a natural implementation of procedures. This will increase their productivity as that confidence grows, and it can even improve their mental health in the workplace as they are given the peace of mind to know how to avoid workplace injuries.

Detailed Onsite Health & Safety Assessments


At Armadillo Safety Solution, we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our comprehensive safety compliance services. When you choose us for this essential service, our experts can provide you with writing assessments for your records and site training for your team. Every business presents unique challenges, which is why our advisors can also create bespoke policy designs specifically for your individual needs.

You can learn more about our premium onsite health and safety services here. If you have any questions about which plan would best suit your working environment, please don’t hesitate to fill in the enquiry form, and one of our experts will help you find the right one.