Warehouse Health and Safety

The importance of health and safety in the workplace cannot be understated. But with few jobs being identical, each employer will encounter unique challenges when implementing their health and safety processes.

The importance of health and safety in the workplace cannot be understated. But with few jobs being identical, each employer will encounter unique challenges when implementing their health and safety processes.

Working in a warehouse exposes you to many health and safety risks on a daily basis. The high pace of work in this environment can lead to many accidents such as objects falling from high shelves, access machinery collisions, and people working too fast to follow manual handling and causing long term pain to their back muscles.

By neglecting your health and safety in such an environment, you may face many harmful consequences for your business. This is why we wanted to share the importance of health and safety within a warehouse environment, the problems you need to watch out for and how we at Armadillo can help you prevent them.

health and safety graphicStaff Safety And Wellbeing

It is illegal not to implement health and safety measures for your employees. It’s the employer’s responsibility to protect the welfare of anyone affected by their business. The most practical way to achieve this is to maintain a high standard of clear procedures designed to provide excellent health and safety.

Since the CDM regulations were updated in 2015, these rules now have broader coverage for health and safety and simplify the areas involving competence and employer’s responsibility. They were updated because the 2007 version focused heavily on the importance of competence alone and had a limited view on just the ‘construction’ part of construction design and management. The improvements in 2015 changed this to ultimately make it the employer’s role in deciding who is compliant for a task and take responsibility for that decision. Furthermore, with the assistance of Armadillo Safety Solutions, we can offer effective CDM consultancy that will give any employer peace of mind over the decisions they have to make.

With our many years of experience consulting on health and safety for small businesses, we understand that whilst safety compliance is essential for your employee’s physical welfare, it’s also effective at improving your staff’s mental wellbeing.

Machinery and Vehicles

warehouse accident with vehicleMany warehouses employ motorised equipment to assist around the workplace. These machines can be anything from a motorised floor cleaner, a scissor lift or a forklift truck. In any of these cases, vehicle safety is essential to prevent any misuse of the machines that could lead to violent impacts or crush injuries. While other types of accidents are generally more common, accidents with machinery can tend to be more severe and potentially fatal.

For example, forklift rollovers are when a forklift is improperly used and the whole vehicle tips over. This can happen for many reasons, such as turning too quickly, too much weight, unbalanced weight or driving with the load elevated too high.

All of these reasons have a single mistake in common, not correctly using the machinery. As a result, there were around 25 deaths between 2020 and 2021, with an estimated 70% of those being easily preventable. Additionally, a quarter of all fatalities involving work vehicles occur when the driver reverses.

At Armadillo Safety, we offer a range of health and safety services that can help inform better ways to prevent your business from being part of this statistic. Contact us today to discuss how our competent person services can help protect your warehouse team.

Fire Safety

burning warehouseIt’s an unfortunate reality that any negligence in fire safety can lead to the rapid spread of fire and the destruction of your warehouse, with who knows how many staff hurt.

Many businesses never recover from an out of control fire in the workplace. Our health and safety training can assist you in creating a highly effective system combining a swift escape plan for all your staff twinned with prevention efforts so that you can stop fires from breaking out in the first place. Remember, prevention is the most effective form of health and safety.

Lifting and Carrying

Man falling in warehouseManual handling is a requirement of all warehouse work due to its phenomenal track record of helping staff long-term. However, musculoskeletal disorders and long term muscle pain are just two risks of ignoring proper manual handling techniques. By training your staff in these effective techniques, you can make sure that your business is productive but not at the expense of the health of your team.

Slips and Falls

Injured warehouse workerAccidental trips and falls are the number one cause of work-related injuries in a warehouse environment. Due to the nature of working in a warehouse, there is an increased risk of falling from a height or having something fall on you from above.

Fortunately, you can implement many small health and safety processes that will substantially affect preventing slips and falls. For example, ensuring your staff retain good housekeeping by keeping their work areas tidy and using appropriate warning signs when cleaning an accident are just two straightforward ways to prevent more accidents.

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent any slips from happening, but with effective health and safety training from Armadillo Safety Solutions, you can limit these accidents to their fewest number.

Personal Protective Equipment

Most warehouse environments will need some amount of PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep their staff safe, but supplying the equipment isn’t the end of the problem. PPE only works if there are other control measures in place that make sure your workers are using the PPE correctly or checking If the PPE is adequate for the task.

We recommend taking the time to assess any potential risks in your warehouse to determine which PPE is best for the safety of your team and the wellbeing of your business

Cost-Effective Compliance

At Armadillo Safety Solutions, we offer a range of health and safety services, consultancy and training that can assist any business with their accident prevention. All of our consultants are from an enforcement background and are qualified to degree level with fully IOSH accreditation.

If you wish to discuss how we can help you with your health and safety procedures or training in your warehouse, please contact us online today, and a member of our team will happily answer all your questions