What Are the Benefits of SSIP Accreditation?

If you work in the construction sector, then you understand the importance of safety management and of having the necessary accreditations. Take a look below at why SSIP Accreditation is so important and how you can benefit from it.

If you work in the construction sector, then you understand the importance of safety management and of having the necessary accreditations.

As construction health and safety consultants, we can provide you with an accreditation from Safety Schemes in Procurement, or SSIP, a key body that wants to streamline health and safety assessment services.

Take a look below at why this accreditation is so important and how you can benefit from it.

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What is the SSIP?

Firstly, it’s important you know what SSIP is. This organisation was founded in 2009 to make it easier to recognise assessments between member schemes. This means contractors don’t have to repeat the full assessment process with different schemes.

This governing body ensures that companies comply with health and safety rules as well as with CDM regulations, so contractors interested in this accreditation will have to meet certain health and safety standards. This is called a Core Criteria.

At Armadillo Safety, we have several service packages to suit your needs, ranging from Adviceline to full SSIP Assistance, so peak to us to learn more.

Benefits of SSIP Accreditation

The list of benefits of an SSIP accreditation are too many to list, so we’re only taking a look at some of them. If you’d like more information about this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

Show Clients Your Standards

You want potential clients to be able to see the health and safety standards you’ve implemented in your company, especially because it can help you get more work.

After all, complying with SSIP means you show high levels of health and safety management, and an ongoing dedication to improving the workplace. It also means you’re doing everything you can to keep your employees safe.

Clients want to work with companies and contractors who take this issue seriously, so this can give you a leg up when it comes to bidding for jobs.

Recruit More Talent

If you’re looking to hire more staff, you have a higher chance of recruiting top employees if you can showcase how serious you take health and safety. Attracting top talent can be difficult, so getting an SSIP certificate is already halfway there.

Boost Your Credibility

Companies and suppliers with SSIP accreditation can appear more credible than those without – this can mean the difference between getting a job or missing out on it. If a client is undecided between two companies, they will likely opt for the one that is certified.

Easy and Convenient

Getting SSIP-accredited means you don’t have to obtain countless other certifications, since this covers a wide range of health and safety standards. We also make it easy for you to get this accreditation, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time on it.

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Streamline Your Processes

This is an important part of being SSIP accredited. Whether it’s getting a new construction job or undergoing a procurement process, being certified will streamline the process and ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish.

Clients and companies are aware of what SSIP is and, therefore, immediately know that you comply with a high level of health and safety standards without the need for further paperwork, for instance. This will speed up the time spent on applications as well, since your accreditation already serves as proof that you’re committed to high standards and protocols.

Easier to Register with Other Industry Organisations

Once you have the SSIP certification, you’ll find it easier to meet the requirements of other governing bodies as well, such as CHAS, SafeContractor or Constructionline.

How Armadillo Safety Can Help You

Whether you need training in any health and safety areas or are looking to become accredited, we can help. We have many years of experience in the industry and know everything there is to know about meeting Construction Design and Management regulations.

Our training, including our SSIP certification, ensures you can identify, eliminate and reduce risks, so that your project has the best chance of success while your employees remain safe at all times.

We provide remote training via our e-learning training courses as well as face-to-face visits. Also, our health and safety consultants are competent in a range of areas, so they can provide you with the exact training you require to meet your industry’s standards.

Contact us today on 01233 820480 if you’re interested in becoming SSIP-accredited or are looking for any other qualification and training we can offer.